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...Physically Jesus was born of a woman but the Christ Reality came from the city of Eternity. abd 38
...Were a myriad voices to be raised, no ear would listen if upon a fatherless child hath been conferred Prophethood. kiq 58
...In the Kitab-i-Iqan Baha'u'llah upholds the purity and innocence of the Virgin Mary. gpb 139
...If Muhammadans and Christians would investigate the truth the outcome would be unity. pup 196
...The Christ is born of the Holy Spirit; He is raised up by the Holy Spirit; He is a descendant of the Holy Spirit; the Reality of Christ does not descend from Adam. Christ is a quickening Spirit. saq 135
...Christ was born of the Holy Spirit. He was the sun and His rays shone upon His disciples through His teachings.. stw VIII:8, p. 98
...Jesus came to the world through the power of God, born of the Holy Spirit and of the blessed Virgin Mary. Mary His mother was a saint from heaven.. God made Mary to be exalted above all other women. pt 47
...The people of Islam were taught to realize how Jesus came from God and was born of the Spirit and that He must be glorified of all men. pt 48
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